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Add Some Fun to Your Summer With a ‘Daycation’

Staying in town this summer? You don’t always have to go to another city, state or country to have a blast and experience something new. This year, why not skip the ridiculous gas prices and airport hassle and plan a fun ‘daycation’ right in your hometown? If you find yourself short on vacation days and extra cash, this is a great way to get the fun and relaxation you crave without having to pack a single bag. Here are a few great ideas for spending a fun-filled ‘daycation’ and uncovering hidden treasures right in your own backyard.

Walking Tours

Get to know the stories and history behind your hometown with a guided walking tour. Many cities offer on-demand tours through an app that gives you the backstory on famous local landmarks, tourist attractions and more. Just head to the designated starting point, pop in your disposable headphones, press play, and voila! You can now explore the city while learning fun facts and uncovering interesting historical significance behind the buildings and streets you thought you already knew. 

Museum Visits

Be honest, when’s the last time you really took in your city’s cultural scene? If the last time you visited your local art or natural history museum was on a field trip school bus full of your fellow fifth graders, it’s been too long! This time, you can really prepare to enjoy it as an adult and take in all of the interesting facts about an exhibit. Many museums supply their visitors with disposable headphones and a designated app for a private listening tour, so you can learn as you go.

Beach Day

Do you live near an ocean or bay? Slather on your sunscreen and head to your local beach for some fun in the sun! There’s nothing like a relaxing day at the beach to rejuvenate your spirits and put you in a summer mood. Whether you prefer to spend your day lounging with a stack of guilty-pleasure reads or building sandcastles with your kids, a beach day makes the perfect ‘daycation’ venue! Living in a land-locked state? No worries- head to your local pool and prepare yourself for a day by the water. Just don’t forget to pack some disposable headphones so you can listen to music without worrying about damaging a more expensive pair.


Any place in town can be a great vacation spot, as long as you know what you’re looking for in a fun day out. Try some of these ideas and see how much fun you have on your next summer ‘daycation!’