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Are Schools Smart In Buying Cheap Disposable Headphones For Their Students?

The headphone market has advanced significantly, and users of this device do not have to use a set twice. With the release of disposable headphones, individuals and businesses are convenient to buy them in bulk. Schools are not left out, as many of them purchase cheap disposable headphones for their students. Considering the advantage of reusing these headphones and the carelessness of some students, tutors prefer to use disposable headphones. This tool is helpful if you are teaching a large group of students.

Buying these headphones in bulk may be accessible on the budget, but they may not be the ideal option for all the students. Though the manufacturers aim to offer users the best value for their money, it does not mean that these devices are healthy for the ears. The affordability of the disposable headphones indicates that the experience may not be as high as expected. Not all of them are of excellent quality. You can now understand why they can hurt your ears sometimes.

Perfect Pair

Individuals have different ear types, and manufacturers of disposable headphones did not put this situation into consideration. It is evident that such a mobile device that fits a person may not be the right set for others. Discontinue the usage of such headphones if you cannot get a perfect pair for your ear type. Using the wrong disposable headphone will not produce good results. It is ideal for providing students with comfortable headphones to obtain the anticipated experience. The right pair will be fun to use and will offer excellent outcomes.

The best approach to solving this problem is to test the devices before using them. This practice will help you to determine the model that fits you perfectly. It will also assist you in enjoying the sound quality the designer intended for the user.


The disposable headphones are louder than other types of headphones. Also, they do not have an efficient audio dispersion mechanism, which makes it difficult to control their volume. At a moderate amount, these devices can produce impressive and useful results. The loudness of headphones may not damage the ear, but the intensity of its frequency can do so. If another person can hear the sound from your headphone while it is over your ears, then your device is loud. It can result in permanent hearing loss over an extended period.

Also, high volume headphones tend to use up the batteries faster than those with lower volumes. You need to charge your device often if you are using a disposable headphone with very high volume.

Prolonged Usage

It is advisable to avoid using disposable headphones for long hours, especially the in-ear models. These types of headphones are meant to be used for short periods. They are likely to hurt the ears if used for a longer duration. The use of these headphones in schools should be controlled to limit their prolonged use. Using them without breaks can impair hearing. The degree of the hearing loss depends on the volume of the sound and the duration of exposure to it.

Prolonged exposure of the ear to loud noise can reduce the sensitivity of the hair cells situated in the cochlea. These hairs do not grow back once they are damaged. So, any damage to these cells will harm the ear permanently. With the right approach, such as listening schedule, you can use your disposable headphones comfortably.


Over time, disposable headphone users with impaired hearing may develop dementia as the brain tries to help out with hearing at leaving its cognitive functions. Such victims suffer memory loss, which can be detected easily by people close to the person. This medical condition can lead to difficulty in reasoning, communicating, and even performing complex tasks. It affects an individual’s ability to organize and plan.


It is a common thing that cheap headphones are of lower quality. This myth may be real to some extent. Most of the expensive headphones have better sound quality than the cheap disposable ones. However, personal preference and your budget may affect your choice of the device.

Noise Removal

Most standard headphones remove sounds such as road noise, droning noise, wind, and others from the background. This feature is absent in most disposable headphones. Such unwanted sounds can distract the user and make the experience uninteresting.

It is evident that some people have problems with the use of disposable headphones, but actually, not all users face these issues. The exceptions can be attributed to the right approach to using them. Choosing a model that fits perfectly and adhering to a listening schedule will enable you to enjoy the features of your tool. Remember, hearing loss can result from excessive exposure to loud sound from headphones. The disposable headphones are great mobile devices, but you have to use them properly to get the best results.

It may seem a smart move for schools to provide their students with disposable headphones, but the use of these devices should be controlled. Despite their usefulness in learning in classrooms, computer labs, online and libraries; they are a potential threat to our health. Ideally, headphones for learning purposes should have adequate volume control. They should have the ability to reduce ambient noises to enable the students to concentrate on their studies without increasing the volume of their devices. Headphones with individual volume control may be helpful in language programs.