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Making Your Workplace Fun

No matter how much you love your job, the daily grind can wear on even the most dedicated employee. Receiving fun little presents and office perks from your managers can help boost morale, increase job satisfaction and make the workday fly by a little faster. Small incentives like the ones we’ve compiled can go a long way towards improving your employees’ on-the-job enjoyment!

Here are 5 fun ideas for little tokens of appreciation that can matter a lot to your staff.

1. Gadgets and Gizmos- Having everything you need right in your cubicle comes in handy when you’re on the job. Useful gadgets geared toward everyday convenience are a tremendous little thank-you gift for your team members. Travel sewing kits for wardrobe malfunctions, flash drives, or the extremely popular bulk disposable headphones that companies are now buying and offering for free to employees are all great examples of items that can increase comfort, provide entertainment, or allow for convenience at work.

2. The Gift of Wellness- Making sure your employees stay healthy is a benefit to any employer- after all, happy, healthy employees make for increased productivity and overall job satisfaction. Inspire your staff to get moving by purchasing some health and wellness-related office incentives. For instance, pedometers with the company logo printed on them can help employees keep track of their steps throughout the day, and an aluminum water bottle imprinted with the company logo can help keep their water icy cold so they can stay hydrated throughout the day. Additionally, wearable fitness trackers or moisture-wicking activewear can make the perfect token of appreciation while promoting health and fitness.

3. Let’s Do Lunch- Not much compares to buying lunch for your team when it comes to awesome office perks. Whether you’re celebrating staff birthdays in a given month, rewarding your employees for excellent performance, or merely getting the office together for a Friday catch-up meal, catering lunch for your staff is a unique way to say thank you, not to mention a real boost to the company morale.

4. Happy Snacking- Providing nutritious snack options such as fresh fruit, trail mix or mixed nuts for your staff can go a long way toward making your employees’ workdays happy and healthy. There’s nothing quite like strolling by the staff kitchen in the middle of a busy day and finding a tempting selection of delicious, nutritious snack choices waiting to help you kick that midday lull. By giving your team members the opportunity to snack on fresh, healthy foods, you are not only boosting the fun factor at work but also promoting wellness and health within your company, making for happier staff members who take fewer sick days!

5. Motivational Awards- One great way to show appreciation for your staff is to give your employees recognition for a job well done. After all, everyone feels proud when they are rewarded for outstanding work in their field. Why not think outside the “Employee of the Month” box and present awards to your staff for Most Creative Solution or Best Attitude? These awards can come in the form of traditional plaques, trophies, or certificates, and can even be accompanied by a gift incentive, such as a gift card, fruit basket or tickets to an upcoming concert or sporting event. Your employees will appreciate the unexpected thank-you!

Whether you offer bulk disposable earbuds or free, healthy break room snacks, rewarding your staff with office perks is a great way to optimize your employees’ on-the-job efforts and show appreciation for all they do. Doing something to show gratitude for your staff doesn’t have to be large or expensive to make a big splash- in fact when it comes to office perks, it indeed is the thought that counts. If you are a manager or business owner, make it a point to provide fun office perks for your staff, and prepare to be amazed at the difference it makes in overall employee happiness, satisfaction, and performance!