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What Makes Disposable Headphones Different from Other Headphones?

There are expensive headphones, and there are disposable headphones, what’s the difference? If you are struggling to select from the two, the following might help you make a good, straightforward decision.


Disposable headphones are meant to be used once or maybe twice, but that’s about it. It looks simple; none of the frills and fancy wirings that expensive brands have. The entire piece is usually white or black except for the silver tip of the audio jack. The earpieces come in standard sizes and may often be too big for people with smaller ears. These have the usual number of openings to deliver sound and may have no plastic or rubber pieces to reduce pressure on the ear opening.

Most have no microphones or buttons to control volume or play, but some have a small bud where the two ear pieces meet as a small microphone. Usually, a disposable headphone is inside an ugly plastic case or film without any branding or information for users.

Expensive headphones are available in a wide variety of designs and décor. Some are multicolored with prints that have pop culture significance. A microphone piece usually sits in between the space where the two buds meet and may have a few functions as well. Most expensive pairs have brand names and are printed on the body of the headphone while some only have the icon of the company. All branded phones are inside boxes or plastic casings with instructions for users


Disposable headphones have very limited features, and most can only deliver audio. If you want to enhance sound produced by a disposable headset, download an audio app or program to boost its performance.

Expensive headphones have a variety of features. Buds can vary in appearance. Some have rubber or plastic pieces in the buds to reduce pain on the ear while some have earpieces are elongated possibly meant to deliver sounds into the ear more efficiently. You can find microphone pieces with different buttons that will stop or play audio, answer phone calls and control volumes. Some may possess noise canceling features and audio enhancement. Microphone openings vary as well; from a small needle-prick hole to larger holes the size of a grain of rice.


The price varies immensely. Most disposable pairs are free. Non-disposable ones have prices that vary according to the brand. Expensive pairs cost hundreds of dollars while you can also purchase a decent pair for as little as $20. While pricing can vary depending on the brand; you can also expect well-made headphones that are amazingly affordable; you can also take advantage of sales, discounts and special offers to get a branded pair for the best price.


Sad to say, disposable headphones may only be good for a few uses. But if you care for these pieces like you would an expensive pair, you will also be able to extend its use to maybe a few weeks or months. The most common concerns that users experience with this kind of headphones are failing earbuds, wires falling apart and jacks that tear off from the wiring itself. Because disposable sets are made of cheap materials and generally won’t last that long, it is important to try to take care of them while they are still in good condition.

Where you got it

Disposable headphones are mostly free and distributed to users during activities in schools, lectures, conferences and similar events or venues. These are offered as a part of airline perks so are generally for one-time usage only. You can get disposable earpieces at wholesale prices online or offline. These are cheaper and may already come in small pouches or boxes ready to be distributed to users for any event. On the other hand, expensive headphones are purchased in stores or from an online shop. These are available in different colors and models and come in a box.

Love it or hate it, disposable headphones serves their purpose and have limited use. But if you have been given a pair, do not throw it after one use. Keep it and use it as an alternative piece for your different devices. These may be made of cheap material and may not last as long as a branded one, but in the hands of a particular user, it can serve its purpose longer.