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Does the color of disposable headphones relate to the quality?

Does the color of disposable headphones relate to the quality?

Headphones are a daily accessory for music lovers. The shape and size of the headphones a person selects say much about their style. Yet, the market is teeming with so many options that you wouldn’t know the headphones that are right for you. While it’s important to pick headphones that give you the best listening experience, other considerations such as color come into play. It’s all about having fun while at it.

Science has been shown to support the existence of a connection between color and personality. Experts in color theory believe that an individual’s color preferences say a lot about their character. Of course, the type of music you like listening to may tell a lot about the kind of person you are. But the color of your earphones say as much, if not a lot more about your personality and nothing to do with the quality. Headphone makers have known this for a while that’s why they have been trying to outdo each by making products in a cacophony of colors.

While choosing the right headphones color may boil down to a subconscious decision, it’s important to know your color preferences. So just how you tell what color of headphones goes with your personality? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Using red headphones indicate you are the kind of person who is out to have a life to its fullest. It says you are not afraid to express your feelings and emotions.
  • Blue, which is the color of success. When you use blue headphones, it tells the world you are a hardworking and successful individual. It shows you are not just sensitive to others but also have a secure hold on your emotions.
  • Black is the most common color in which you will get your headphones, yet it says so much about your personality. Black headphones show other that you are not just artistic but sensitive too. It indicates an individual who has attention to detail.
  • There is a reason why they say pink is the color of romance. Using pink headphones shows you are a gentle and extremely affectionate individual. Besides, you are generous and know how to be romantic.
  • Yellow stands out for being very bright. Yellow headphones show you are not just brilliant but very good at formulating plans too. In other words, you can think things through before taking action.

Determining the quality of headphones

Now you know what the color of your headphones means. It has absolutely nothing to do with quality. What’s it that you will look at to know the quality of your headphones? It’s all about thinking about how your headphones are going to function over time, before making a purchase. Here are a few things that will determine the quality of your headphones:


When you are on the go, it is good when you have ear buds and wireless headphones. If you need a device for your sound in at home, office or library then you should think more regarding on-ear headphones.

Closed or open

Headphones are made in different shapes. While some are entirely closed, others come with perforations at the back. The argument for fully closed headphones is that they don’t allow sound to leak to the surroundings. Thus, they prevent the rest of the people around you from hearing the music when you crank up the volume. However, headphones that are closed are prone to heating up quickly, especially when outdoors on a hot afternoon.

Carrying case

You don’t want always to be disentangling your headphones from your keys. Headphones that come with a case are not just easy to take but are also protected from damage.

Wireless capability

Today’s headphone users are people on the go. Most of them seem not to have any patience. With headphones with wireless capability, they can make a smooth and seamless connection to the music player. You don’t have to fiddle with wires to have them working.


Headphones come with a band to help fit them around your head. Quality headphones have an adjustable band to fit onto your head and prevent them from feeling uncomfortable.

To enhance your audio experience, ensure you find the right headphones. There is no reason why you should make do with poor quality music. Do something about it.