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Does the cost of Disposable Headphones mean Better or Worse Quality?

Earphones have become a must-have for the music lovers of today. As such you are likely to have a pair of headphones or even more. Disposable headphones are often the accompaniment of nearly every mobile device nowadays. With big brands selling their headphones for as little as $30, what’s the relationship between the price of headphones and their quality?

Almost everyone in the world has a mobile device that comes with some form of headphones. If headphones aren’t “big business,” just what is? The prices of these essential accessories range from just a few dollars to thousands of dollars. It all depends on the brand, style, form, and color. But just why would you choose expensive headphones? Does it mean expensive headphones are of better quality?

Preference for bigger bass

Regardless of the conclusion, you cannot overstate the importance of quality headphones. However, choosing the right quality of headphones is as simple as comparing prices. Generally, highly priced headphones are of better quality. While there are some intervening factors, choosing headphones of the right quality can be very satisfying. You don’t have to be a sound expert to make the best decision.

However, the price tag is not a guarantee of good quality. If you are looking for good sound quality, you can even find it in a much cheaper option. That’s because the sound quality is subject to interpretation. While some people may prefer the inaccurate and colored sound, others like flat and accurate sound. If you are looking for noise from speakers, it becomes easier to tell the difference. As for headphones, the sound quality tends to change from ear to ear. What sounds good to one person’s ears might sound bad in a different person’s ears. It could boil down to a preference for a bigger bass or lack of it.

Cancel out noise

While the price may indicate the durability of the earphones, sound quality largely depends on your ears. You might be better off listening to reviews of various people who have used that brand of headphones. That way, you can better understand what the headphones sound like. Another good strategy is to visit the local store and try out different sets of headphones back-to-back.

What more expensive headphones don’t give you in sound quality, they compensate with improved features. As such don’t expect sound canceling headphones to be cheap. After all, finding a pair of headphones that cleverly block out ambient noise doesn’t come cheap. But not all headphones can do noise canceling the same way. While some brands of disposable headphones have excellent noise canceling ability, others are all bogus. It doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive they are. Even some expensive sets do very little to cancel out the noise in the environment.

Prone to common problems

You can rarely find cheap disposable headphones that have both Bluetooth and are also waterproof. It, therefore, goes without saying that expensive headphones come with fancy additional features. The quality of the artistry that went into building the headphones is also a key factor that determines if they will be cheap or expensive. As such, expensive headphones are likely to be very solid in their build quality. However, this doesn’t happen always. Of course, there are some expensive headphones that as easy to crush under your fingers as their cheaper counterparts. You might even be surprised to find some more affordable headphones that have a superb built quality.

In general, the more expensive headphones are, the better they will look. Although it all depends on who is looking, one set of earphones is likely to look better than another. If anything, do you have a reason to say cheaper plastic headphones are any beautiful? While expensive headphones have their benefits, some have weaknesses that will annoy you. What they have a strong built is colored down by poor sound quality.  It’s, therefore, easy to conclude that not every expensive pair of headphones is worth the high price. In most cases, what you end up paying for is the style and branding, not the sound quality. Only that cheap headphones are prone to joint problems, and it’s difficult to find exactly what you are looking for.