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How to Store Your School Headsets With Ease

To help ensure that students reach their potential, it’s essential to provide them with the most advanced technology available. Similarly, it’s also important to guarantee that their devices and accessories are properly safeguarded when not in use. Chromebook carts can be acquired by schools to store and charge laptops and tablets safely. How then, should someone go about storing headphones and headsets for school classrooms at the end of the school day? Here are a few strategies to keep them well maintained, organized and readily accessible when you require them again.

Storage Cases

Chromebooks are not the only electronic student equipment that require a special storage space – headphone storage cases provide a great option for keeping an entire set of classroom headphones neat and secure when they’re not in use. Popular headphone manufacturers such as Califone, HamiltonBuhl and AVID Products have a variety of hard storage cases or drawstring bags designed to store between 12-30 sets of headphones. These cases not only keep the headphones organized but also protect the cords from any damage caused by fraying, tangling or breaking. Headphones storage cases are ideal for headsets that are used occasionally throughout the school year, like during standardized testing.

Storage Racks

A headphones storage rack may be a better option for you if headphones are frequently used in your classroom. These racks can help your students easily put away their headphones or headsets when they are not in use.The largest model of storage rack can hold dozens of headphones or headsets for school classrooms at once and be wheeled from room to room as necessary. Countertop models of storage racks can hold six to 12 sets of headphones. Purchasing a few tension bars (designed to hold shower curtains) and placing them inside a closet provides an inexpensive alternative to headphones storage racks. Any classroom that heavily relies on headphones, such as computer labs, school libraries, and language labs, can benefit greatly from storage racks. 

Storage Bags

For classrooms that assign each student a pair of headphones or require them as part of school supplies, individual storage bags are the optimal choice. These headphones bags come in a range of sizes to accommodate various models of school headphones, and often have a panel where students can write their name for quick identification later on. Storage bags are ideal for storing classroom headsets in individual lockers or cubbies for easy access and safekeeping between uses. Write student names on the resealable bags with a Sharpie pen on so that students can identify which headphones are theirs. 

Protect your investment with one of these handy and useful storage options for your headphones or headsets for school classrooms. You won’t regret it!

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