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Why Disposable Headphones Are the Top Choice of Schools in 2021


As we continue to find a “new normal” amid the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are doing all they can to welcome students back to in-person learning. For many educators and school administrators, this means finding safe workarounds for traditional school practices and doing everything they can to ensure that all surfaces and supplies are properly cleaned and sanitized with high frequency.

A large part of this involves opting for single-use or disposable supplies that belong only to one student, rather than the communal approach to supplies and equipment that many schools used in the pre-pandemic era. Now that cleanliness and safety is top-of-mind for everyone, school faculty and staff are making every effort to help minimize the chance of COVID outbreaks by providing single-use supplies whenever possible, and thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting equipment before and after each student use when there is no disposable alternative.

For this reason, numerous schools have opted to purchase bulk disposable headphones for their student body, instead of continuously cleaning and sanitizing classroom headphones for communal use. By providing each student with their own set of headphones that can be used exclusively by them throughout the school year, teachers can not only reduce the amount of time it takes to disinfect school headphones after each use, but can also be certain that students are not transmitting any viruses or bacteria between them through school headphone use.

Additionally, disposable headphones can prove to be a less expensive alternative when purchased in bulk. With some models of disposable headphones priced as low as $1.99 per set for bulk orders, many school administrators are finding them to be less costly than the additional cleaning supplies, such as disinfectant wipes and hospital-grade sanitizer, that must be purchased to keep up with the cleaning of school headphones designed for communal use by entire classes. For Title I schools that currently have no or limited headphone options with the requirement to provide sanitary, socially distant listening curriculum for ELL/ESL programs, low cost, budget-friendly headphone options are especially critical.

One other advantage that disposable headphones have over traditional classroom headphones in the 2020-2021 school year is their portability and compatibility with numerous devices. This is a major concern for families with students attending school on a hybrid schedule. For kids who are attending school in-person on a part-time basis and attending remotely from home the rest of the time, the necessity for portable, inexpensive headphones becomes even more urgent. By providing each student with a set of disposable headphones, school staff can ensure that every family has a viable solution to providing a distraction-free learning environment at home or at school.

If you think your school could use disposable headphones for this school year and beyond, be sure to check out the highly-affordable models available for bulk purchase.