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Why disposable headphones are the right choice for libraries

“Shhhhhh! People are trying to read!”

Remember back in elementary school when the librarian would say this to you? Making too much noise in a library has been frowned upon since libraries first became a thing. After all, people are trying to concentrate on their books or computers, and deserve a little peace and quiet to get their work done. 

However, there’s a simple, cost-effective solution for allowing young readers to experience learning out loud, even in the quiet confines of a library: disposable headphones!

Benefits of Headphones in Learning

Headphones are a great way to allow each student to hear what they want or need to hear during their library time without bothering anyone else. By purchasing disposable headphones, like these highly-affordable Chromebook headphones with a microphone, you’re giving students a chance to listen to stories, music, lectures, videos, and more, all without disturbing their neighbors.

It’s a two-way street, too: using headphones can help students concentrate on the task at hand, eliminating background noise and other potential distractions and clearing a path for total focus.

Why Disposable Headphones?

As we head into the 2021-22 school year, we have great hopes on the horizon for a much more normal-looking year. However, this doesn’t mean that we should let our guard down: because young students under the age of 12 are not currently able to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, schools and libraries, and anywhere else that caters to young children, must remain vigilant about minimizing the risk of virus spread. This means that kid-centric places like schools will need to continue practices such as not allowing the use of communal supplies, like student headphones.

Even after the risk of COVID lessens more significantly or completely goes away (fingers crossed!) bulk disposable headphones are always the ideal choice for kids since there will still be plenty of risk for other transmittable viruses, such as colds and flu, not to mention bacteria and head lice. Giving each child their own set of disposable headphones for library use allows you to rest assured that you are helping to prevent all kinds of icky things from being transmitted from kid to kid.

Additionally, since young children are notoriously hard on supplies such as headphones, the affordability of single-use headphones gives you peace of mind that no expensive equipment is at risk of being destroyed. However, that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality- these Chromebook headphones with a microphone may be disposable, but they have great sound quality, voice clarity, and are surprisingly durable!

If you work in a school library or the children’s section of your local public library, look into disposable headphones for your youngest patrons- you won’t regret it!