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Why Disposable Headphones are Vital to the Classroom in 2020

The year 2020 will forever be known as the year the world came to a grinding halt as a novel coronavirus, dubbed COVID-19, swept its way across virtually every country. During these unprecedented times, we have had to show courage and ingenuity as we find ways to pivot our business practices, home life, and more to protect ourselves and our families while trying to keep our pre-COVID lives intact and running as smoothly as possible.

Why are disposable headphones so vital to the classroom in 2020? One of the major challenges we faced amid the COVID-19 crisis was the shutdown of schools across America and all over the world, as statewide lockdown orders took effect in an attempt to minimize the spread of the virus. Suddenly, the classroom as we knew it was no longer an option, and school administrators and teachers had to scramble quickly to get an online learning curriculum in place for students of all ages. Parents everywhere had to adapt to homeschooling their children using these resources, while also juggling their own work commitments, while teachers had to figure out how to effectively reach their students to teach them what they need to know via videoconferencing apps, online worksheets, and instructional videos.

Are schools going to use a remote learning format in Fall 2020? As the 2020-2021 school year approaches, many schools across America are still up in the air as to whether they plan to start the year with more remote learning, or whether they plan to move forward with in-person classroom instruction. Regardless of whether the school year will kick off virtually or in classrooms, one thing is certain: maintaining a sanitary, germ-free environment and practicing social distancing will be a must for schools planning to go ahead with re-opening their classrooms for instruction.

As part of this initiative, some schools are already taking precautions to ensure that students will be safe from beginning to the end of each day. Face masks are expected to be required for all students and staff, class sizes are going to be significantly smaller than in the past, and desks will be placed at least six feet apart. Additionally, students will likely receive daily temperature checks at the start of the school day, and any student with an elevated temperature will be sent home immediately.

This year more than ever, disposable or personal-use school supplies will be a necessity. Disposable headphones, in particular, are likely to be seen on school supply lists for students of all ages, in order to ensure that children and teens aren’t sharing earbuds, headsets, or any other type of school headphones amongst themselves. This will not only help promote social distancing by eliminating the need for students to congregate at a communal learning station but will also minimize the risk of spreading the virus from surface contact. By keeping their own sets of disposable headphones with them, students will be able to listen to lessons, videos, and more in the classroom without risk.

This year, students and teachers can make sure their in-person learning experience is as safe as possible by purchasing disposable headphones for in-class use.