Library Fundraising Ideas

When it comes to both public and school libraries, one of the chief concerns of librarians is raising adequate funds to keep things running. After all, libraries are a free resource available to be used by anyone with a library card. To ensure that the books, computers, and other materials in your library stay up-to-date and in good repair, it is necessary to hold occasional fundraisers, such as book fairs, to raise the money you need. Here are some innovative ideas that are sure to be a hit at your next library fundraiser!

Book-Themed Crafts
If you’re looking to turn a profit without coming too far out of pocket, consider using materials you already have to make one-of-a-kind book-themed crafts! Any damaged or discarded books that your library has taken off the shelves can be repurposed into original gift items for every book lover! For instance, an old book’s pages can be hollowed out to create a unique jewelry box or secret hiding place. Pages from worn-out books can be folded into origami, cut-and-pasted onto decoupage boxes, or even turned into jewelry. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Headphones for Library Use
Libraries are known for being quiet places to read, work, and study. However, this doesn’t stop the occasional patron from making noise with his or her laptop or mobile device now and then. By making disposable headphones available for purchase in your library, you are effectively killing two birds with one stone: you’re ensuring that your patrons have a way to keep their music, videos, and webinars to themselves without disturbing others, and you are earning money that can be used to purchase new books and materials. Everybody wins when you sell earbuds to friends from your library!

After-Hours Events
Each night when the library closes, it sits alone and untouched until the staff opens the doors again in the morning. Think of all the money you can raise by renting out space in your library for after-hours events! Many a book club, wine and cheese tasting, or fitness class could be conducted in your library once it has closed to the public for the day. By capitalizing on the space you already have access to, you can charge people an hourly rate for various rooms in your library for their special events.

A library is one of the most important buildings in the community, as it gives everyone free access to materials that have been created to educate, inspire, and entertain. By sharpening your library fundraising skills, you can become more proficient at raising the money that is sorely needed to keep your library in tip-top shape for everyone to enjoy!