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Are Disposable Headphones Cost-Effective?

Disposable headphones are quickly becoming a must-have for many computer labs and schools across the country; however, with limited school budgets, they may seem out of reach for many looking to include headphones as a learning tool in the classroom. Luckily, disposable school headphones are not as expensive as many may think, and they can be a viable option for schools looking to include more headphone-based learning in their classrooms. Keep reading to learn about the cost-effectiveness of disposable headphones and why they might be the perfect tool for your classroom to switch over to headphone learning at an affordable price.

Easily Replaced

While we’re always proponents of classroom headphone sets, we’ll be honest, if a pair is damaged, it can be expensive and time-consuming to replace a broken pair of headphones. Not only do educators need to find the same brand and model of headphones, they also need to find them at an affordable price point. Disposable headphones remove the burden of needing to purchase an expensive replacement pair or sending them off for repairs. Instead, if the headphones break, students simply receive a new pair from their instructor and dispose of the broken set.

Buy in Bulk

We know that classroom storage space can be limited, but disposable headphones actually don’t take up as much space as one would think, which makes them perfect for buying in bulk. When bulk orders of disposable headphones are purchased, they can cost next to nothing, usually hovering at around $1 per pair. If looking to incorporate disposable headphones in the classroom, it’s always better to purchase the headphones in bulk rather than small batch orders to get the best price point.

Different Models

Just like non-disposable models, disposable headphones are available in a variety of models with a variety of price points. Some of these headphones are extremely simplistic with ear cushions made of light foam while others can become much more luxurious with leatherette ear cushions that wear and look like more traditional headphones. More luxurious models do tend to last longer, allowing students to reuse the headphones more than cheaper models.

More Sanitary

Non-disposable headphones require a lot of regular cleaning and disinfection, with students needing to make sure they adequately clean their headphones before each use. This can be time-consuming, as well as spreading bacteria and viruses amongst students if they do not adequately clean their headphones. Disposable headphones are a much more sanitary option, allowing students to throw out their headphones as well as ensuring each pair is only ever used by one student rather than the communal usage that most non-disposable classroom headphone sets require.

Disposable headphones can be an excellent option for those looking for a budget-friendly student headphone option in the classroom. While they may seem like they’d cost more than non-disposable options, disposable headphones can actually be significantly cheaper when purchased in bulk as well as more sanitary.