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Find Quality Headphones on a Budget

If investing in new AV equipment for your classroom was one of your initiatives for the 2023-2024 school year but you’re not sure if it’s in your budget, we’ve got great news for you! Quality headphones or earbuds don’t have to cost a fortune to give your students maximum performance during audio lessons and school testing. If you’re still in the market for a class set of school headphones, here are our top picks for value-priced classroom headphones that do not sacrifice quality. Check them out!

AVID Education AE-35 Classroom Computer Stereo Headphones – Blue & Black

AVID Education AE-35 Classroom Computer Bulk School Headphones - Blue & BlackWith a starting price of only $8.99 per unit, the AE-35 offers exceptional value. Designed for school use, these budget-friendly headphones are durable enough to endure daily wear and tear from even the littlest students. With their padded headbands and ear cups wrapped in easily washable vinyl, the AE-35 provides a comfortable and hygienic learning experience. And with such an affordable price, you can equip every student in your class with their own pair for seamless whole-class lessons in a listening center or computer lab.

Soundnetic SN-313 Stereo Disposable Headphones with Leatherette Earpads 

Soundnetic SN313 Stereo Disposable Bulk School Headphones with Leatherette EarpadsIf you’re looking for something more affordable that still offers great sound quality, you’ll want to take a look at the SN-313! Made from a mix of new and recycled plastic, these classroom headphones are perfect for Chromebooks, tablets, PCs, laptops and more. These headphones are not recommended for younger students in pre-K through second grade because they are not as sturdy as other models, but they are an excellent deal at a mind-blowingly low price point of $2.59 per pair.

ENC-06 Stereo Wholesale Headphones

Disposable Headphones ENC-06 Stereo Wholesale HeadphonesImagine being able to equip your entire school with headphones for as little as $1.09 per pair. These disposable headphones are perfect for providing every student with their own set before school testing. While they may not have all the fancy features of pricier options, they still do the job efficiently. Plus, since they are one-time use, there’s no need to sanitize them after each use. Just allow your students to keep their own pair in their desk or locker and you’re good to go!

With all the inflation and school budget cuts we’re experiencing, it’s getting harder and harder to afford even the most basic classroom supplies. The good news is that a number of quality school headphones are on the market at a variety of price points, making it easier for teachers and school administrators to afford these important tools for learning. Be sure to shop around and consider buying in bulk where possible to maximize your cost savings. Whether you’re looking for disposable headphones or headsets or you want something a little more durable, you can’t go wrong with any of these amazing headphones for your classroom!