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How Do You Sterilize Earbuds

Earbuds seem like a relatively new invention, but they’ve been around since 1984. Unlike headphones, earbuds fit directly into the ear canal, are preferred by many people thanks to their portability and convenience. In recent years, wireless earbuds such as Apple’s AirPods have revolutionized the use of earbuds for athletes, joggers, and others who may be hampered by a wire connecting their earbuds to a device.

One of the biggest criticisms of earbuds, however, is the hygienic aspect of an object that is designed to fit inside a person’s ear. This is especially true if the earbuds are intended to be used by multiple people in a classroom or library setting. Not only can bacteria and viruses live on the surface of something like an earbud, which requires direct contact with the opening of the ear, but it is also somewhat unsettling to think about using earbuds that have been designated for public use. Is there a right way to sanitize earbuds to ensure that they are clean, sterilized, and safe for each use? Here is the best way to sterilize earbuds, according to Techwalla.com.

Step 1: Wipe earbuds with a clean towel dipped in warm, soapy water. Avoid excess moisture, as this can damage the earbuds.

Step 2: Dip a cotton swab into hydrogen peroxide and apply to the earbud. Apply as little as possible to avoid causing moisture damage.

Step 3: Wait five minutes, giving the hydrogen peroxide time to bubble up and loosen the dirt, debris and ear wax.

Step 4: Brush the earbud clean with an unused toothbrush. Brushing will allow you to remove residue that remains in the small holes and crevices.

Step 5: Wipe the residue from the earbud using a clean towel. Dry thoroughly.

As you can see, cleaning and disinfecting earbuds can be a lengthy, time-consuming process. If your listening center, classroom computers, or other devices require earbuds and will be used by multiple people each day, you may not have the time to be able to sanitize earbuds after each use properly. Many educators and librarians who are facing this issue have opted to purchase single-use disposable earbuds. Users of a machine that requires earbuds may buy a pack of disposable earbuds, which can either be discarded or kept for future use by that individual. This not only lessens the workload for school and library staff who may not have time to sanitize earbuds after each use but also provides users maximum assurance that their earbuds are clean and free of bacteria and other germs.

Whether you opt to sterilize earbuds each time they are used, or you prefer to purchase disposable earbuds, always make sure that the earbuds you are offering to your students or visitors are completely sanitized with each use. By using proper hygiene practices, you can ensure the health and safety of everyone who uses your equipment for learning or entertainment purposes.