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How to choose the best disposable headphones

Disposable headphones are a popular option for those looking to purchase school headphones. These headphones allow students to listen to lessons without worrying about bringing their own or cross-contamination from shared headsets. However, choosing disposable headphones can feel like a challenge, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for in a set. When looking for the right disposable headphones for your student’s needs, you should consider price, style, compatibility, quality, and fit.


One thing that people worry about when looking at disposable headphones is the price. The main factors affecting price are the style and quantity purchased. Low-cost disposable headphones like the ones we receive on the plane cost less per unit, but they can only be used a few times. More deluxe disposable models can be reused for several weeks to a couple months, depending on the style, but they also cost more per unit initially. If you are looking to purchase a large number of headsets, you’ll oftentimes receive larger discounts; however, purchasing a few units can add up quickly if you will need to replace them often.


From over-the-ear to earbuds, headphones come in a variety of styles. It’s important to select the right style for your needs. Some disposable headphones feature a mic to ensure crystal-clear sound quality while others will only offer the listening ear cups. Those looking for school headphones should consider utilizing an on-ear or over-the-ear model with a microphone that allows students to easily communicate when remote learning as well as receiving high sound quality.


Most headphones will be compatible with Chromebooks; however, you should double-check your students’ devices to ensure compatibility. Most Chromebooks will utilize a traditional AUX (3.5mm) or USB plug, so make sure the headphones you’re purchasing utilize this plug type. 


Disposable headphones have a large quality range. Some feature thick, plush ear cups and are constructed of durable plastics while others utilize foam ear cuffs and less-durable materials. When looking for disposable school headphones, it’s important to consider what students need. If you’re using them for a single test, lab unit, our audiobook, one-time used models are fine; however, students that will utilize them more often throughout the school year should opt for more deluxe models.


Teenagers won’t have an issue wearing most adult models; however, younger children will need smaller models made for their ears. Rubber-tipped earbuds and over-the-ear headphones made for children ensure a comfortable fit while keeping sound at child-safe levels, allowing all-day, comfortable wear. 


Choosing disposable headphones for your students may seem like an uphill battle if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. By taking the disposable headphones’ price, style, compatibility, quality, and fit, you will find the right headphone for your students’ needs in no time.