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How to Make Disposable Earbuds Sound Better

When it comes to sound quality, disposable earbuds are not exactly known for their superiority. Since many disposable earbuds are designed more for convenience than for optimal sound, it’s not always possible to achieve the same sound quality that you could expect from a more expensive set of headphones or earbuds. However, there are a few things you can try to improve the sound quality of your disposable earbuds using everyday objects that you probably already have at home or in your classroom!

Here are some of our top tips for boosting the sound quality- and the user experience- on your disposable earbuds.

Make sure they’re in your ears correctly.
We know…DUH. But seriously, it’s easy to wear disposable earbuds incorrectly without even knowing it! Since disposable earbuds are designed more for convenience than comfort, people sometimes have a hard time getting them to fit snugly in the ears. Ill-fitting earbuds can affect the way we experience sound, even if the earbuds themselves are not malfunctioning. To make sure your disposable earbuds are fitting well, try the earlobe tug test: simply tug on your earlobe a little bit before inserting the earbud, place it inside your ear as you normally would, then release your ear lobe. Depending on the angle you’ve tugged your ear lobe, the earbud should fit better. If not, try a different model of disposable earbuds that may provide a more comfortable, secure fit.

Clean your earbuds regularly.
Let’s face it- we all have earwax. It’s just part of being human, and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. However, earwax can build up on your earbuds over time, coating them to the point where the quality of the sound is no longer as good as when they were new. Giving your earbuds a regular cleaning with a slightly damp microfiber cloth and some soap will safely remove the wax and oil buildup from the earbuds, allowing for a more pleasant listening experience. If your earbuds are super dirty, you might also want to try cleaning them with an old toothbrush to clean them; however, if you’ve reached the “cleaning earwax off with a toothbrush” stage, we encourage you to remember that they call them “disposable earbuds” for a reason, and maybe give them the old heave-ho in favor of a clean, new pair!
Amplify sound quality using everyday objects.

OK, what do paper cups and disposable earbuds have in common? Nothing, really, but you can use one to improve the other. If you find yourself in need of speakers, you can channel your inner MacGyver skills to fashion a makeshift set by poking your disposable earbuds into a paper cup. This helps direct sound waves without dispersing them too much. This can be a great little hack for those situations where you only have one set of earbuds but want to share a song with a friend (without sharing all that aforementioned earwax!)

If you’ve tried all these tips and your disposable earbuds are still not quite up to snuff, don’t despair. Check out our entire range of disposable earbuds so you can find the perfect pair for you!