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Is Buying a Disposable Headphone with a Microphone Worth the Extra Cost?

Disposable headphones with a microphone have advanced significantly in technology. This is because they are no longer limited to the traditional style of the over-the-head model with a separate mouthpiece. It is now possible to choose from a wide variety of different styles of headphones with a microphone. Most disposable headphones in the market no longer act as simple audio transmitters. They have controls on the playback of the sound from the multimedia audio device. This includes pausing the playback, muting it, or forwarding it. There are various reasons you should consider buying disposable headphones with a microphone and playback control. That does not mean that some users have issues with these headphones simply because they have no need for playback control.


The following are some reasons why you should buy disposable headphones with a microphone.

  1. Ease of use

If you are playing music on a digital device like a mobile phone, it is easier to change playback using the controls of the disposable headphones with a microphone. You might find this, especially when traveling on public transport or taking a walk outside. Like most people, you might be keeping a phone in your pocket. If you have disposable headphones with a microphone and audio controls than you do not have to get your phone out of a bag or pocket. Go to the screen, go to the music application, and perform the required function. Simply push a button situated on the control box. The control box is situated in an easy to locate an area, at the position of the lead of the headphones.

  1. Speed

With disposable headphones with a microphone and playback controls, it is much easier to alter the playback. You do not have to make the same commands on the actual multi-media device. This is particularly useful when traveling or if it is suddenly necessary to mute or pause the playback.

  1. Versatility

Many disposable headphones with a microphone and playback controls actually have the control box as a separate unit. This means you have to plug the headset into the control box and then plug it into your multimedia device. This comes with the advantage of giving the user greater versatility. You can use any type of compatible headphones by plugging them into the control box and using them with your device.


The following are some of the reasons why you do not need disposable headphones with a microphone.

  1. Cost

Disposable headphones with a full range of playback controls are generally more expensive than standard headphones. Ensure you bear this in mind as you consider getting this type of headphones. You might want to shop around and consult online resources for the best deals.

  1. Charging

Disposable headphones with a microphone and playback controls might require in being powered by a battery. In many cases, the headphones have inbuilt rechargeable batteries. This means that you will need to charge the device on a regular basis. This is potentially a problem if it is needed for a long period of time when traveling, for example. There are those disposable headphones that may require charging through a USB port on a computer and not necessarily through the main charger. You might find it difficult to use these models in places where you have no access to a computer. If recharging the disposable headphones with a microphone is an issue, then you might consider buying a set that uses batteries such as AAAs. With these, you only need to carry spare batteries to avoid the need for charging the device on a computer or mains electricity.

  1. Changes to the sound

Some sound quality concerns have been raised as to the effect of disposable headphones with a microphone and playback controls. Some people actually think it diminishes the quality of the sound. This is because the sound generated from your playback device has to be re-encoded to be aligned with the additional audio controls of the headphones. This has a possible detrimental effect on the pitch of the sound.

  1. Confusing functions

The majority of disposable headphones with a microphone and playback control enable the user to carry out a wide range of functions. This might include volume control, skipping tracks, replaying a track, and pausing the sound. It is not possible for the control box on this device to have a button for each of the separate functions. On the headphones available in the market, these functions have been collapsed into one or two buttons. You might have to push the button once to perform one function and twice to perform another function. This is potentially confusing to many users as you are required to remember what to do to access each of the functions of the device.

Well, judge for yourself! Do you think disposable headphones with microphones are worth the extra cost?