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Problems Disposable Headphones Solve for the Classroom

Using headphones in your classroom can be beneficial in a number of ways. Classroom headphones can be used with computers, tablets, TVs, and a variety of other AV equipment to provide students with an interactive learning experience without disturbing others. However, there is a downside to using headphones in the classroom. It can be difficult, if not impossible, for teachers, librarians, and other educational personnel to ensure the cleanliness of headphones that get used by many students each day. Simply wiping down your class set of Chromebook headphones each day with a damp cloth may not be enough to ensure that they are properly sanitized for the next use. That’s why more and more schools are switching to disposable headphones to ensure cleanliness and protect students against germs, head lice, and more. Here are some of the clear benefits of choosing disposable headphones for your classroom.

Each Student Gets a Pair
Because disposable school headphones tend to be much less expensive than their more permanent counterparts that were designed for repeated use, an educator can purchase one set for each member of his or her class at the start of the school year. Students are then instructed to use their set of disposable headphones, eliminating the need to share with a classmate, potentially also sharing germs. Additionally, young children who may still be learning how to share with their classmates will be delighted to get to keep his or her own pair, thus avoiding any unnecessary drama when the time comes to let another student have a turn!

Bye Bye, Lice
The spread of head lice has always been an issue among the elementary school set, and the threat of lice doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon! By using disposable headphones in your classroom, you are virtually eliminating the possibility of a student contracting lice by sharing another child’s Chromebook headphones. Sure, there are still plenty of other opportunities for lice in childhood, but at least sharing headphones won’t be one of them!

Prevent the Spread of Germs
Since most of the school year takes place during cold and flu season, education professionals are always trying to maintain a clean, germ-free classroom. Since bacteria, viruses, and other yucky things that cause illness can often be found on communal supplies, such as classroom headphones, opting for a disposable variety can go a long way in helping ward off germs and keep a healthier classroom.

Disposable headphones are a wonderful way to share interactive videos, computer programs, and more with students of all ages- without having to worry about sharing germs! By investing in a set of disposable headphones for each member of your class, you can rest assured that your students are protected against all kinds of nasty bugs- both metaphorical and literal!