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What is the best way to carry your Disposable Headphones Without Damaging Them?



There are no little mundane moments that give you more significant pain than fishing out your headphones from your bag or your pocket, plugging them into your phone, playing a video you were waiting so long to watch, and not hearing any sound. There is no greater tragedy than a favorite pair of headphones that had supported you through so many cat videos and internet challenges, ending up seeing the light way sooner than when it should have- way sooner than the package said it would, at least.

Many headphones promise to be long-lasting, hardy, and resistant to damages, but most end up facing the same fate- damage and destruction. Nothing hurts more than an expensive pair of headphones becoming unusable after a month of purchase because the cord couldn’t bear the pressure you put on it. While disposable headphones spare you on the expense part, there is no harm in trying to maximize the life of one. Savings are a treat and pleasure, no matter where or how they come to you!


To spare them the damage, one must pay particular attention to how they store and carry their headphones. It is effortless just to take off the pair, roll it up in an indiscernible shape of a ball, and only throw them in your bag, only for them to roll and be ground up under a hoard of objects. Here are some tips for you to follow to increase the lifespan of your handy disposable headphones and get the most out of them:


The best advice you can get is to get a case for your disposable headphones. It is easy to find a cheap one at the store or even to use an empty container at home for this purpose. The goal is to give the headphones a separate environment than their external one. A hard case will prevent them from any mechanical damage while storing in a pouch will require them to be still stowed in a place where they will not become damaged.


There are so many ways to coil up the cords of your headphones, making them less prone to damage: you can hook them, coil them up in a figure 8 shape around your fingers, and even braid them. The key here is to wrap the cords up in a way that they form a compact mass without being too tightly tied, and so the pressure remains at a minimum while also strengthening the cables and preventing tangles.


If you do not want to go through the hassle of folding your headphones a special way just to keep them from getting damaged, then you can simply roll them up. Except that you should make it a hobby to use a binder clip. A binder clip or band can help to secure the roll of cable up tightly and prevent it from opening up or slipping out, strengthening the cord and preventing it from damage. A binder clip can even let you attach it to your jacket or shirt, a place where it will be in your line of sight and safe and sound from mechanical harm.


While it is okay to keep them in front shirt pockets or your jacket pocket, places where you know they will not get squished, it is not okay to store your headphones in the back pocket of your jeans where you know sitting will put your entire weight on them. Crushing them will ultimately render them broken and useless.


You may think it to be a completely innocuous action to let your headphones dangle off from the edge of your bag or your neck or even your pocket, but it is incredibly harming for the pair itself. By letting it hang, you are putting a lot of undue and unnecessary stress on the cable, and it will break sooner than average. It also brings the chances of the headphones getting stuck to an object and ripping off or tearing into play as well.

Taking care of the way you store your headphones is not all that difficult and can save you a lot of money, time, and wasted headphones. So follow these basic tips, and maximize the life of your disposables.