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Common Problems with Disposable Headphones and How can they be Fixed

Just because something is broken, it entirely doesn’t denote that it cannot be fixed again. Especially, if you have a nice pair of handsfree in which you invested your pocket money that you need to get them fixed. Headphones can be tricky, but it doesn’t mean you cannot fix them entirely if they have any problem or they are broken. The reason for but their damage can be pressure caused by any object for instance if you have put them in your bag or your pants then they might get damaged.

The most common problem with the headphones is the plug that you put on your smartphone and laptop. So, consider it as the weakest link that you need to make sure gets protected. As an example, like this here are some common problems related to disposable headphones with their solutions, to make them fix. Get yourself comfortable and enjoy a better experience than before by following these simple tips for fixing your headphones.

1. Do your headphones have control buttons on the cord?
Make sure you have pushed the volume or the play button correctly. Put pressure on the buttons until the headphones receive the command and you hear the audio. It might take a little time and cause a little noise at the start.

2. Is the volume muted?
First, look at the laptop or your smartphone and your headphones that if the volume is muted or not. If everything’s fine, then you can put pressure on the volume button and swirl the headphones wire until you hear audio.

3. Is your audio device faulty?
Sometimes the problem is not only the headphones but the device it is connected to can also be malfunctioned. It might be possible that the smartphone pin where you put the plug of the wire of headphones has been damaged. So, you can have a shopkeeper check your phone to make sure is it okay or not and then check the audio of the headphones by pressing and swirling the headphones.

4. Does the headband on your headphones fit incorrectly?
If the headphones are not easily fit in your ear, then you can quickly get the adjusted. The headphones have a button that can be used to press and reset the adjustability of the headphones.

5. What if the cushions of the headphones are not comfortable?
Sometimes, the headphones are not comfortable then what you can do, buy a new one? No, exactly not you can make your new cushions by using any material that you consider comfortable. Use them and cut them to the exact size and attach it to the headphone. Then use it the way you like and get some pocket money save for giving yourself a little treat.

So, here are some of the problems that can be fixed in headphones without buying new one or ending your pocket money on it. You can fix all your problems at home by yourself to make sure your disposable headphones last more than the required time.